Marketing has a intimate relationship with modern technology……

One is not without the other.

Nick Kohlschreiber


Originally from New Jersey, raised in Florida. In 2004 moved to southern California.

I have an athletic background. I received a scholarship for my athletic performance as a soccer player. When I get the chance, I like to play golf and soccer with friends and colleagues.

After I graduated from UCLA with a business degree, I immediately filed my first successful business and it grew into the multiple larger businesses I managed today. first with the mission to reduce the federal student loan debt and with the objective to assist other companies and people like myself continue grow despite the competitive industry.

My skills have connected and helped tens of thousands of people and many say that I am very successful. I’m am confident in my practices and faithful to those I work with and I want to share what I’ve done with everyone.


Awed by business marvels, I became part of the existing system that runs society. I’m an enthusiast with originality, believing there is always room for innovation.
Studied and questioned the existing understanding that envelopes business communication infrastructure.

I discovered the new shape of shifting interfaces and media that moves economic platforms faster. I help fill the increasing demand for a new generation of innovators for the best incentives and investments the modern world needs to move forward.

With this, my career encompasses management development of new businesses and the projects that reside within them. I have created solutions for the support of not only my own but for others. My media company allowed businesses to proliferate organically with creative marketing strategies.

As owner of a media company based in Newport Beach, it is a major responsibility to manage hundreds of employees and tens of thousands of clients every day. The dedication to the quality of services is more than providing resources and tools for employees and clients but also the quality of the personal relationship that connects the many that communicate within our space. This is the generation of familiarity in that no one is left behind. A strive to further the connections to the modern communication platforms from document preparation to online multimedia driven innovative business development.

Today, I employ hundreds of employees driven by similar philosophies and together we face challenges as we continue to grow.