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One is not without the other.

Nick Kohlschreiber – Utilizes Experience From CCHR In His Current Business Endeavors

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – Social entrepreneurship has existed as long as business itself, but in recent years it experienced a revival, partly due to the countless opportunities the Internet has to offer in this sector. Drawing upon business techniques to find effective solutions to social problems, entrepreneurs use their skills to make long-lasting changes in the lives of others and the society at large. And using the potential of the World Wide Web to draw attention to a good cause, projects are no longer restricted to certain regions or countries, but can be presented to a much larger audience. A mastermind when it comes to utilizing the Internet to implement savvy strategies, Nick Kohlschreiber has been a socially active entrepreneur long before the phenomenon conquered the .com world and continues to contribute to finding innovative solutions to tackle the problems of the 21st century.

Starting his first business at 21, Nick Kohlschreiber claimed the title of entrepreneur at a young age. However, at an even earlier age, he was encouraged to find a humanitarian interest that spoke to him and chose to work with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a non-profit organization designed to protect patients and consumers in the mental health sector. Through this work, Kohlschreiber further cultivated his passion for helping others and enacting change in the community. Tellingly, it is at CCHR that his love affair with marketing and entrepreneurship began. Fascinated by the organization’s marketing department, he was a quick study. As Kohlschreiber rose in the ranks, he took the opportunity to soak up all the knowledge possible from the many donors who themselves were owners and senior position holders at large marketing firms. Soon, he was able to parlay this experience and knowledge into his own successful ventures focusing on marketing and telemarketing.

Kohlschreiber’s ambition did not allow him to stay tethered to one field, and he has since spearheaded a wide variety of business ventures in different industries. With a student loan debt consolidation service and a revolutionary health dietary supplement, it is apparent that his love of using his considerable business acumen to help others has not waned over the years. “I think the fact that my business career grew out of my humanitarian work has been my greatest blessing and asset,” Kohlschreiber revealed. “It has allowed me to realize that helping others through entrepreneurship is not just possible, it has also served as an invaluable source of inspiration.”

Banks and federal lending institutions must adhere to a very strict set of regulations before they can sign housing loans with customers. Nick Kohlschreiber explains why this development gives private lenders a Advantage over banks and traditional lending firms: “Our process is extremely simple and streamlined, and allows us to do everything possible to put every hopeful homeowner into the property of their dreams.” With a specialized team already in place, Kohlschreiber is in an ideal position to help potential homebuyers take advantage of the upswing in the housing market before interest rates start to climb again.

Nick Kohlschreiber is an established businessman and entrepreneur who began his career by taking the marketing helm at an online wholesale product company where he helped innovate the selling and direct shipping of products to customers through online sales. Many successes followed in a variety of industries, including student loan debt consolidation, low-cost long-distance calls, and call centers serving the gas and electricity industry, allowing customers to switch from variable to fixed rates and save large sums of money. His social engagement caused him to get involved in local charities and international non-profit organizations that have greatly benefited from his drive and motivation.